There she is!

Ya’ll. I know I say it all the time but I promise I am going to be better with updating this blog. 2018 has been insane for us here at Nicole Marie Boudoir. We are expanding the studio. It’s more than tripled in size and it is gorgeous!!! Gina, our bomb ass hair and makeup artist, is now editing and taking a mountain of work off my shoulders and that means I have time to do things like, blog, have a conversation with my family, wash my hair, ect. That also means we have some time to bring you even more incredible stuff in 2019.

My absolute favorite thing is when we receive reviews from our clients, raving about how much they loved their session. It’s a nice reminder of why we do what we do and what a profound effect it can have on a woman. One of our favorite clients recently sent us the warm and fuzzies to our inbox. (if you follow our social media accounts you’ve seen her face, We’re kind of obsessed with her.)

In her own words…

My experience was completely full of emotion from start to finish. I’ll admit it, I hesitated booking a shoot at first, being a mother of 2 young kids I wasn’t totally in love with the way I looked, it is a big investment and I’m always the one who puts herself last. But with a helpful push from my husband I booked the shoot. I told myself the morning of my shoot I was going to go in completely open minded and trust Nicole and Gina to the fullest with everything, my hair, makeup and outfit choices… all of it. BEST.DECISION.EVER! My hair and makeup made me feel like the woman I used to before, the second I looked in the mirror I remember saying dammmmnnnnn that’s me!? Then came the shoot itself think about it, never meeting Nicole before and your going to strip down and put on your best sexy looks and pose for a picture sounds terrifying right? NOPE! She instantly makes you feel comfortable not just by demonstrating the poses but her personality and demeanor just eases any reservations you have. Its literally like hanging out with an old friend laughing between poses and shots and cracking jokes the entire time. When it came time to see my photos I was blown away! It’s a feeling you cant explain really. Not only were they absolutely beautiful, but looking at them made me actually say to myself “there she is, I knew she was still in there somewhere” it’s a constant reminder that I’m not just a wife or mother with all the responsibilities that come with those titles but also a strong, smart, sexy woman! Ladies my advice to you is don’t do this for anyone but YOU. Regardless of your insecurities, your body is as old as you are and it tells your story so be PROUD! And spend the money because IT IS worth every penny! Trust me!