Do it for you!

This girl! This girl right here came in to my studio when I was feeling burnt out, overworked and just damn tired! My clicked immediately. We had been through some of the same struggles, shared funny stories about how we survived those struggles and we laughed. HARD. She was like a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed in the moment. I think seeing her reaction to her photos was even better than photographing her. Pure excitement! People like her remind me of how lucky I am to have this career and why we do what we do. Check out her sweet email about her session.

When I booked my shoot with you I knew I needed it. Deep down I knew, following a tough year, a divorce, juggling a full time job and raising three kids, that I needed something to make me feel amazing. What you and Gina did for me that day is something I can never truly put into words. I was excited and looking forward to the shoot with no expectations – I just wanted to act out and do something crazy. However, I could have never known how seeing those photos and seeing me the way that you two did, would make me feel so amazing. And not amazing, like wow these pictures are pretty, but amazing like “I am an incredible woman”. Thank you so much for every minute of the experience, and thank you for the life long feeling of self love and beauty. I have encountered many people who have said “I can’t believe you let her post your pictures”. To all of them – my pictures, my body, my decision and I am damn proud of them and love that they are being shared. And to those who say “I just don’t get why you did it” (because I am single and am not doing it for a husband or boyfriend but for me) – to them I say – book a session – then you will understand. It has been an empowering, liberating and amazing experience. I CANNOT wait to do it again in the new studio!!