An ode to my daughter…

Well, I guess it’s not an ode. I think an ode is a poem. But I digress.

I don’t talk a lot about my personal life on here. I like to keep this page light hearted and full of pretty photos. But my main goal with this whole boudoir thing is self love. We have a lot of fun at work. A lot. We are silly and full of inappropriate humor. Sometimes I forget how powerful our message can be.

We have a big, crazy, blended family. 5 kids between my husband and I. Four girls and one boy, ranging in ages from 4-14. I am constantly preaching independence and self love to my girls but sometimes, it feels like it falls on deaf ears. One thing I do not get a lot of is one on one time with each kid. However, when our schedules work out, I love to drive my 14 year old daughter to school. We get a good 20 minutes of uninterrupted conversation. A rarity in this full house. This morning was one of those mornings. She started talking about how mean kids at school can be. About the things people say about other peoples bodies. Both boys and girls, talking about how this person is chubby, this one is flat chested, ect. She said “the one thing these people all seem to have in common is a lack of self esteem. Why do they have so much time to worry about someone else’s body? Who even cares?” She also went on to say how she hates when people say things to her like “boys will like you if you do this. Boys won’t like you if you do that.” Her response was “ good thing I don’t do things so boys will like me. I do things because I like me!” You guys, my little mama heart skipped a beat!

Raising girls is hard! You want them to be strong yet soft. Confident, independent, kind but to take no shit. You want them to love themselves so fiercely that no one will ever be able to break them. The easiest way to teach them is by example. Show your girls HOW to love themselves. Be kind to yourself. Spoil yourself a little. Quit the negative talk about yourself and other women. Whether you think they are or not, I promise you, they are listening. They are watching. It’s not vain to say how good you look in those jeans. Or talk about how you are proud of your body. IT. IS. OK. TO. LIKE. YOURSELF!

And to my girl. My stubborn, strong-willed, beautiful, funny, crazy smart, not-so-little baby girl. I hope you know how proud you make me. At 14, you have the kind of confidence and self assurance it took me a good 30 some years to gain. The future will bring you challenges, disappointments and heartaches. As long as you keep your eyes on the prize and remember how capable you are, you will be just fine. More than fine, you are going to live an amazing life. And I will be by your side the entire way. ALWAYS.

(ps. moms to middle school girls. high school years are easier. there is a light at the end of that hormonal, back talking tunnel. i’m finally seeing it. pour yourself a glass of wine and hang in there!)