Wanna hear a little secret? I used to hate shooting maternity photos! I felt like I didn’t know how to pose them or where to tell them to put their hands. I sucked, bad. I mean, the photos always turned out ok but I never felt that rush that a photographer gets after a really amazing session. They were just…ok. Until I started shooting maternity boudoir. I love the simplicity. I love how absolutely stunning a pregnant woman is. (as long as that woman isn’t me!)

Emily and I live in the same small area. She is a photographer as well. I’ve followed her since I first heard her name and we even chatted once about booking a boudoir session for her. But it never worked out. I watched as she really focused on shooting motherhood sessions and she quickly became one of my favorite photographers. Her style is so fresh and unique and you can tell she really loves what she shoots. So, when she told me was pregnant with her last baby and asked me if I would be interested in taking her photos, I was ALL over it! She documented her pregnancy through self portraits and I knew she would be a dream to work with. And she was! I could have photographed her all day long and never gotten bored. It’s so nice when you click with another photographer. Photographers get super-dorky-excited about things non-photographers don’t want to listen to you talk about. When you can share your nerd excitement with like minded people, it’s a beautiful thing. I’m incredibly grateful she came in to my life and I can’t wait to watch her document those dreamy little babes of hers. You can see her work here.