Building her forever on Fourever Lane…

I’ve been hanging on to these photos for a bit. I knew I wanted to blog them but I also knew I couldn’t do it until I had the words to do them justice. I can’t just write on a whim, I need to really have something to say. I need to feel those words, ya’ll! (which also explains the inconsistency in this blog).

Little back story on Meagan, in case you live under a rock. She was a pretty big deal in the LLR world and kind of a celebrity in our town. I’m actually a little surprised that no one created bumper stickers; WWMPD. What would Meagan Parker Do? (Back up, I thought of it first.) Without going in to detail, her role with LLR ended abruptly and she started her own boutique. Overnight. I hadn’t known her well but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t kind of terrified for her. She literally had her entire world flipped in an instant. Most people would’ve crawled in a hole and thrown in the towel. I’m sure she wanted to, often. But let me tell you why you need to know this girl. She didn’t stop. Once. There is no failure in her world. Her and her husband dove in head first and created Fourever Lane, an online boutique named after the street that they built their dream home on. I mean, could there even be a cuter name?! Her family is the most important thing to her. She makes it very well known that she is first a mom and wife before she is a business owner. When you build something on a foundation like that, you can’t go wrong.

Owning a business is hard. It looks so simple and fun from the outside, “look at all this money you make playing with clothes (or taking photos)”. What no one sees is the late nights, heartbreaks, fear of failure, falling down, doubting yourself, screwing up, making mistakes, losing relationships, etc. People think you should be at their beck and call at all hours of the day and night. They tend to forget there is an actual person with actual feelings on the other end of that nasty email they sent. It takes equal parts thick skin, open mind, a kind heart and a firm set of boundaries to run a successful small business.

There are few things in this world I find more admirable than a woman who can take a dream and build a incredible future from it. I’m lucky to be surrounded by women like this everyday. It’s so inspiring to sit with female entrepreneurs and watch their brains work. Keep your eyes peeled for more amazing stuff coming from Meagan and I next month.(And Gina and Jessi) And in the meantime, support your local small business. Buy some clothes from this adorable family (the quality is amazing and everything feels like butter next to your skin). And be kind. You never know what people are dealing with behind those smiling faces.

You can read Meagan’s perspective on her session over on her blog, here.