Cutest Couple Award

I cannot even tell you how excited I was to photograph this two. Not just because they are smoking’ hot (obvs) but because I adore them. We were friends in high school (a loooong time ago) and I remember when they first started dating. Cutest couple in the school. All these years later and they are cuter than ever. With a beautiful family, amazing life and the kind of marriage that people dream about. They make it all look so easy. And fiiiiine AF.

What was your favorite part of your session? The comfort, comfort, comfort! I was SO stressed on if I was going to do this right, do that right and it had nothing to do with me! Nicole leads you in every single direction that you don’t even have time to think about if you’re doing something wrong, awkward or incorrect. Having Nicole position me for every single pose was a huge relief. She knows what she’s doing!! And she might have to host a class on those positions for us shy ladies. And Gina’s an artist, she’s knows exactly how to make you look flawless. I wish she could come visit me every weekend! Loved how she did everything. What’s crazy is she used less makeup then I do and it looked much better than I could ever do it on my own.

How did your session make you feel? More in love with myself and my hubby. If you and your partner are able to do this together, DO IT.

This is something that everyone should at least do once. It’s an experience worth doing, something you’ll never, EVER forget. And you’ll most likely want to do it again. It’s that good!

Don’t worry about ALL of your flaws. We all have flaws and will make excuses until those flaws disappear. Don’t wait, we all struggle with things we’d like to change about ourselves. Lets just say Nicole’s talent and editing will do wonders. You’ll be grateful for this experience. Thank you Nicole and Gina for bringing something very special into our relationship and lives.