Don’t let that school drop off line get the best of you

One thing I don’t miss about my kids getting older. That hot mess, elementary school drop off line. It’s where I’ve muttered my most impressively colorful phrases. Are you with me?

This babe was one of our first clients after the holiday rush. One of our first we photographed since the studio expansion. She brought us SO. MUCH. LIFE! She was exactly what we needed to start this year off. And now I’m hard core girl crushing on her and can’t wait for her to come back. Keep reading to see what she had to say about her session.

Honestly I’ve been putting off writing this because I’m having such a tough time translating my feelings into words! I am on my way to 40 with 2 kids, a husband of 14 years, a mortgage and a small business to run so “sexy” was not a word I applied to myself. I used to be the wild one who was always down for anything, anytime, anywhere. I would try anything once with almost no exceptions. I had a don’t fuck with me attitude and I didn’t care what anyone thought. That girl was so foreign to me a couple weeks ago I almost felt like I had made her all up. Each and every kindergarten drop off line and mortgage bill was slowly suffocating her. Enter Nicole and Gina… I know it seems glib to say so but this whole experience was life changing for me. They helped me find that wild child and gave her CPR! I don’t remember the last time I felt this good about myself and it’s reflected in everything I do. Gina did an amazing job on my hair and makeup and provided wine and good conversation with laughs to help me relax away the last minute jitters. Then once Nicole started shooting I wondered what the hell I had been nervous about to begin with! I would never have guessed that I would have felt quite so comfortable just hanging out naked. It literally felt just like that too – a fun afternoon with my girlfriends and time flew by! The end results were beyond anything I would have thought possible in my wildest dreams. As Nicole was scrolling through her camera, I was shocked to see my own un-retouched ass and not recognize it. Her use of shadows and posing must be pure magic – there’s no other explanation for it! I’ve decided that photoshoots with Nicole and Gina should be like hair appointments or pedicures… part of every woman’s regular beauty regimen. I’m already excited for my next visit!”