Doing life on her own terms

This was my second time photographing this babe. During both sessions we discussed some of her struggles (which I could very much relate to) and her hopes for her future. I knew she was about to go through these changes and was terrified. I try to offer words of encouragement and give her a little hope for how amazing her future will be, no matter how life altering it is. Because I’ve been there. Its terrifying but so, so freeing. But I thinks its something you can’t truly believe until you’ve made it through. Clients that are going through big, life changing situations like this are always my favorite. There is a different kind of fire inside them. And that makes for some pretty amazing images. I can’t wait to watch her really bloom and come back for round 3. Her post in our VIP was so damn relatable to so many of the women in there. Here is what she wrote in case you aren’t a member. (You should be though. You can request to join here.)

“For years I was “just a wife” or “just a stay at home mom” I literally did anything and everything I could to help others or make others happy. I provided a loving environment for my children and held the damn house down for everyone. I put myself last. I LOST MYSELF. I finally realized that I’m a person. With feelings. Today marked the end of a chapter… 11 year chapter to be exact. I’ve finally taken control of my life and put myself first! I will not settle for less than I deserve because I’m a god damn gem! There’s no more “what would so and so think” -“how can I help you” blah blah blah… at 32 years old my life is basically starting over. Divorce. Living on my own for the first time – becoming a homeowner! My head is spinning with the amount of emotions going on currently but one thing I know for sure is – I LOVE MYSELF! I’m doing this for me! I’m so thankful for this second chance to do my life on MY TERMS! 🎉”