5 Misconceptions About Boudoir Photography

A few months ago, I ran a poll in our VIP group on Facebook, asking our members what was holding them back from booking their own boudoir session. We received the same handful of answers over and over. Let me address and debunk them all.

  1. You can only do this as a gift for your significant other. Nope, nope. nope. Does this make a good gift for your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife? Of course. But, it makes an even better gift for you. Picture it. You’re having a particularly bad day. Maybe your boss was a dick. Maybe you weighed in at the gym and the scale went up instead of down (been there!). Maybe it feels like your entire family is on a mission to send you to the nuthouse. Grab a glass of wine, lock yourself in your room, pull out that beautiful album and remind yourself what a total badass you are. Do it for you, boo boo!

2. You have to wear crazy lingerie. If that’s what you are in to, let your freak flag fly. But if that’s not your style, that’s totally ok. We can make anything look sexy! One of my biggest pieces of advice to clients is to bring what you are comfortable in. If that means thigh highs and garters, fine. If that means an off the shoulder t-shirt, sweaters or your birthday suit, that’s great too. We want you to look like yourself in these photos. Don’t waste your time looking at Pinterest photos, thinking you have to look like someone you aren’t. Just do you.


3. This is not affordable to everyone. There it is, the dreaded money subject. Is a boudoir experience with us cheap? No. Is cheap what you really want when you think of your own boudoir experience? I doubt it. We offer a personalized, luxury experience. Our products are high quality and will last you a lifetime. All of that comes with a price tag. However, we do want this to be attainable for everybody. We offer 2 financing options that will work for just about everyone. Drop us a line if you would like more info on those.



4. Your images will be posted all over the Internet. Absolutely not! We value our clients trust and privacy and take that very seriously. Of course, we would love to show your gorgeous self off to the world, but we fully respect your decision not to allow that. Every single client signs off on a form about image sharing. The options are to share none of the photos, share only anonymous images, share ones you select or share whatever we want. There are never any hard feelings when a client chooses not to share. There may be a little heartbreak though 😉


5. This is a once in a lifetime experience. We do believe every woman should have her own boudoir experience at least once. But just imagine how much better it is the second (third, fourth) time! You know what to expect now. The nerves and inhibitions are gone. Any of our repeat clients can testify that it gets better each time you come back. And most of our clients come back.


Ready to book your own boudoir experience? Contact us HERE and we’ll get you started.


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