Behind every successful woman…

… is a tribe of other women who have her back. This, ladies and gentleman, is my best friend. She is the beauty, brains and talent behind Dunks Photo. We started our photography journey around the same time, when we barely knew each other. Our friendship quickly grew from borrowing each others shitty lenses, to business talk to bad relationships, to amazing new relationships to step parenting and everything in between. She gets me like no one else gets me. We chat on the phone most weekdays for HOURS! And I hate the phone, so that’s saying a lot. She’s my cubicle mate that lives over an hour away. She’s my sounding board when I want to share my successes and challenges, without judgement. She’s the kind of friend everybody wants but very few get. And she’s a total fucking smoke show. She’s also way better than me with words so I’m just going to share her post about our second session together…

“I’ll tell you a little something about me. I may seem strong but sometimes I’m so weak, I can’t stand myself. I may seem like I have it all figured out but really, many days I live in question. I live with struggles, some days they don’t phase me and others they consume me. I jokingly say I’m in a midlife crisis which honestly has been kinda fun but sometimes not so much. And as I turn 38, it feels like I’ve reached a turning point and this boudoir session that wasn’t even supposed to happen at this point, just feels so right.

I’ve done one of these before, about five years ago and it’s such a difference what time and talent can do. My friend, Nicole, shot me then – mostly with the intention of looking good for my boyfriend. Yes, it did feel awesome to look good for him and we loved the photos. And still do. But this time around it was just different. And as I knew this upcoming session date was approaching, and as many times as I tried to use it as a goal to tone & slim down before it happened, I didn’t. And I was nervous but refused to let that stop me. I almost pushed it off but when it lined up to be right during my birthday week I just decided to say F it and roll with it. A chance to celebrate myself, where I am – the good and the bad and to appreciate what I’ve conquered, both big and small.

This experience will make you feel strong. It will make you feel like you CAN do THIS, whatever that “this” may be. It will make you see yourself as beautiful, even with the flaws and the weaknesses. We all have them. Don’t wait until you see yourself as perfect, or you lose more weight – sorry to say, that day may never actually come. I’m probably in the worst shape I’ve been in five years or more but I didn’t care. As many times as I’ve read the posts to “Do it for yourself”, I didn’t really feel like I was until I got to the studio. It’s not about making anyone else happy, it’s about making yourself happy. If you’re not feeling good on the inside, nothing else will matter. Do things that make you feel good and the rewards will find a way back to you. Thank you Nicole Marie Boudoir and Gina Marie Artistry for reviving that feeling in me, and so much more! And you as weird as it may feel to share all of this publicly, Happy Birthday to me! Do it for yourself! “

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