That face though…

It’s no secret that Gina and I are obsessed with this client. She was stunning and even though she was terribly nervous when she arrived at the studio, she was a complete natural in front of the camera. At first, we were not allowed to share any photos. Well, she changed her mind and I about jumped out of my chair with excitement when I read her email. Here’s what she had to say about her session with us…

I have never ever loved myself. I was always pointing out my flaws and wishing I could change this and that about my body. I found Nicole Marie from a simple Google search and was lucky to find a local photographer. I looked at the website, Instagram, and Facebook, and really loved the images I saw and the posts and reviews were nothing but praise. While I conveniently booked my session just before my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend (but then we got married 2 months before), I ultimately decided to do this for myself.


Nervous as hell.

I was nervous going in. And I’m pretty shy, but the atmosphere was so relaxed that i quickly loosened up once Nicole started taking some shots. It helped that there was music and Nicole was demonstrating poses.

Like Lizzo, GOOD AS HELL

I was kinda scared that I wasn’t going to like them? I was on cloud nine right after the shoot but when I got back to reality and time passed, I was nervous about going back to see the photos. But I was so wrong. I am so used to picking myself apart and all I could do while looking at my photos was smile and feel like a bad ass babe!

You guys are great- your positive attitudes and your passion for your work really shows and I am so glad I got to experience my first boudoir shoot with you!!

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